Movie conversion

This window allows to convert various movie formats to Matroska. The conversion is done via DirectShow filters. It's lossless.

SP builds the filter graph using this algorithm:

  1. Render the main media file
  2. Find the splitter. Currently supported are: AVI Splitter (avi), Matroska Splitter (mkv), WM Reader (wmv, asf), MPEG-1 Splitter , MPEG-2 Demultiplexer, Wave Parser (wav), Ogg Splitter (ogm), Subtitle Source
  3. Disconnect and remove all filters downstream from the splitter
  4. Add subtitle sources (if the subtitles should be muxed into the resulting file)
  5. Add the Matroska muxer and File writer to write the resulting file
  6. Render all output pins on the input splitters
The resulting graph is displayed in the bottom of the dialog. The filters and the pins can be right-clicked to see more information. Note that the Matroska muxer does not support for example MPEG video streams, in this case the MPEG decoder will be inserted and the result will be an uncompressed video stream. If you see this happening in the graph, do not use the conversion.

Input tab

This tab contains controls for enabling / disabling streams and adding input files.

Input files

The list contains all input files used for the conversion. The main media file (loaded in SP) can't be removed. It also contains the first and second subtitle files (when selected). These also can't be removed.

The Add and Remove buttons allow to add / remove additional input files. This function is not yet implemented.

The check-boxes allow to add / remove first and second subtitles. If the check-box is disabled, it means, that the appropriate subtitles are not loaded in SP


The lists contains all detected tracks from the input files. it displays the track type and it's description.

The tracks can be enabled / disabled (when selected) by the Enabled check-box

The Language and track name are used to specify the track language and description. This feature is not implemented yet because of the limitations of the current Matroska Muxer filter

Other controls

Output file edit box: used to specify the resulting file.