Multipoint Linear Resynchronization

This is advanced function that allows to synchronize subtitles with variable time errors (that were created e.g. for a low quality camera version) that are impossible to synchronize using only the time shift and speed change (Move/Scale). The time error is distributed linearly between the synchronization points.


graph MLR

How to use this function

  1. Find at least 2 subtitles in the movie that start at bad times and define them as synchronization points (the more points, the better precision, points should be distributed through the whole movie)
  2. Find the correct start times by using the bookmark edits and listening to the movie
  3. Set the options for the outer subtitles
  4. Save the definition for later use if you make a mistake
  5. Execute the function with the Resynchronize button

The columns in the grid:

The buttons in the toolbar are:

If the first and last synchronization point is not at the first and last subtitle, there are options for the subtitles out of the bounds:

The resynchronization is executed through clicking on the Resynchronize button in the toolbar.