Player window

This is the most important part of the movie player - in this area is the movie displayed. It can be in 2 modes:

Player window has a right-click menu. This menu enables access to most of the toolbar controls.

On screen display

SP has the OSD function. It can be used in both normal and full-screen modes and provides various information and player controls.

Picture controls

SP provides functions to control picture quality. See the default keyboard controls for a list of available picture controls:

Automatic Aspect ratio

This function automatically switches to some specified aspect ratio mode, based on the video dimensions. These dimensions can be specified in the Settings window. When the video has specified dimensions, the aspect ratio is changed. Upon loading another video the aspect ratio is automatically changed to another mode, based on the new dimensions. When the video's dimensions do nut fit for either 4:3 or 16;9 mode, the Free mode is engaged.

DVD Player

SP supports playing DVDs, however all filters (MPEG-2 and audio) must be installed, SP does not provide any filters. Handling DVDs is very similar to normal media files, SP can display external subtitles with DVDs.