Editor functions

Editor functions tabs can be undocked like all other toolbars. When the particular tab sheet is undocked, it becomes a tool window that can be floating or docked anywhere else. It can be docked back to the Editor functions tab set by double-clicking on it's caption while it is floating. It is also possible to hide some tabs, it's done from the right-click menu anywhere in editor.

This section describes various editor functions. Many pages contain a special input box for editing a time value (e.g. subtitle start).

This input box has in most cases four main parts:

All these edit boxes support Undo - you can return the old value by pressing the 'Esc' key. The undo buffer is cleared when you press the 'Enter' key. By pressing the 'Enter' key you confirm the value.

In most cases 3 types of values can be edited:

When there is no unit indication, you should use your common sense to determine what type of value applies to particular edit box. The system doesn't allow to type invalid value.

Some boxes have a maximum and minimum value, when you enter higher or smaller value, it is automatically corrected to fit in the limits.

Decimal separator: You can use "." (dot) or "," (comma), the edit boxes accept both  independently of the Windows locale

Note: Some input boxes don't support unit switching, some have other units (% for example).

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