Supported formats

Subtitle formats

Hard coded formats

Format Load Save Type Styles
MicroDVD Yes Yes Frame Yes
SubRip Yes Yes Time Yes
SimpleTime Yes Yes Time No
SubStation Yes Yes Time Yes
ASS (Advanced SSA) Yes Yes Time Yes
Subtitle processor (*.sp) Yes Yes Time / Frame Yes
Generic text Yes No No timestamps No

The Subtitle Processor format is an internal format based on ini files that can be used to store all subtitle options, because it is a "lossless" format (all options are saved). Every other format supports only a subset of all options.

XSP (eXtensible Subtitle Parser) formats

Format Type Extension End timestamp
DKS Time *.dks no
FAB Subtitler Time *.txt yes
MAC DVD Studio PRO Time *.txt yes
MacSUB Frame *.scr yes
MPL Frame *.mpl yes
MPL 2 Frame *.mpl yes
Phoenix Japanimation Frame *.pjs yes
PowerDivX Time *.psb yes
SubViewer 1 Time *.sub no
SubViewer 2 Time *.sub yes

Movie description formats

Format Load Save
MicroDVD - MVD Yes Yes

MVD support is limited. SP can only read the movie title and file and one subtitle file and language tag. If there are other sections in MVD, these are discarded. If there are more than one subtitles, only one of them are loaded and the language tag may be incorrect.

PlayList formats

Format Load Save
WinAMp 2.x m3u, extended Yes Yes
PLS (widely used variation in INI format), extended Yes Yes


Supports Winamp's #EXTINF tags, the format is extended with

The ordering of the tags does not matter, but all tags belong to the file that follows them. The last tag before the file should be the WinAMP's #EXTINF. The global tags (#PLSMDATA, #PLSSUBS) can be anywhere in the file

Format of the #LOOPINF tag:


The fields of the tag are delimited by | (pipe). All fields are mandatory.

Format of the #PLSMDATA and #DATAINF tags:

#PLSMDATA:imdb url|national db url|name|original name|genre|country|year|director|actors|abstract|rating|*|Subtitles language|viewing history|movie audio language|note

The items are delimited by the'|' char. a special '|*|' separator is required between rating and sub language. '*' char in any data is illegal, as well as the '|' char

Format of the #SUBINF and #PLSSUBS tags:


The subtitle file path is after the colon.


A regular INI file with defined sections and keys:

SP understands additional keys

Multimedia formats

Theoretically all formats that are supported by DirectShow (for which you have the filters installed). You can load AVI, OGG, MPEG, ASF or others, but only the AVI format (frame based) is fully tested. The other formats are experimental, so be aware. You can also load sound only files (e.g. mp3) and subtitles (time based, since the sound files are only time-based) to display the words of a song while it is playing. The support of sound only files is also experimental.

Movie data parser

This is INI file with defined keys and sections:

Name=»SFD - Parser's name
LongName=»esko-SlovenskŠ filmovŠ databŠze (9.1.2005) - Parser's description

 There are 11 items in this format:

The items are numbered from 0 to 10 (more fields may be added in future; the order of the items is mandatory). The data fields represented by the expressions are:

For the detailed syntax of regular expressions see, where is the TRegExpr library described. The expressions should have subexpressions, that determine the boundaries. Example:

(<div class="nazovfilmu">.*?flag_[012346789].*?<td>)(.*?)(</td>)

This has 3 subexpressions:

By the Index_%d key the index of the expression that represents the data is specified (index=0 means the whole expression).

All expressions are executed with the 'i' modifier, they are case-insensitive.

When the web page does not contain some of these data fields, the appropriate expression should be empty.

XSP Definition file

Here is an example XSP definition file. It is XML file, SP checks for required tags and displays errors when they are not present. All XSP definitions are stored in data\, other files are not loaded by SP.

Commented example:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1' ?>
  <!-- everything is case-sensitive -->
  <!-- IDs 0..9 are reserved for internal loaders, 10..127 reserved by SP author, 128+ available -->
  <Information name="SubViever 2" extension="sub" type="time" id="10" />
  <!-- if the expression is found in the file, the file will be considered as
       being in this format. Most times it is suitable to use the exp. for Subtitle -->
  <AutoDetect expression="(?i-s)((\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*),(\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*)).*[\n\r]{1,2}(.*)" />
  <!-- remempty - remove empty sybtitles (def. yes), fillendts - use sub start to fill previous sub end (def. no)
  (usefull for formats with no ends. Values possible - yes or no -->
  <LoaderOptions remempty="yes" fillendts="no" />
  <!-- All index values are optional, when they are absent, the index is considered to be 0 -->
  <Credits expression="(?is)(\[information])(.*)(\[end information])" index="2" >
    <!-- the names correspond to field names in SPs Credits editor -->
    <Title expression="(?i-s)\[title](.*)" index="1" name="Title" />
    <Author expression="(?i-s)\[author](.*)" index="1" name="Author" />
    <TranslatedBy expression="(?i-s)\[source](.*)" index="1" name="Source" />
    <EditedBy expression="(?i-s)\[date](.*)" index="1" name="Date" />
    <TimedBy  expression="(?i-s)\[version](.*)" index="1" name="Version" />
    <CheckedBy expression="(?i-s)\[prg](.*)" index="1" name="Program" />
    <SynchPoint expression="(?i-s)\[comment](.*)" index="1" name="Comment" />
    <UpdateAuthor expression="(?i-s)\[filepath](.*)" index="1" name="Filepath" />
    <!-- UpdateDetails  expression="" index="0" / -->
    <TimerShift expression="(?i-s)\[delay](.*)" index="1" name="Delay" />
  <Styles expression="(?i-s)\[subtitle](.*?)[\n|\r]{1,2}(.*)" index="2" default="SubRipStyle">
    <Style expression="(?s).*" index="0" >
      <!-- when the Default property is present, it is used in the case where the Expression is not found -->
      <Name expression="" index="0" default="SubRipStyle" />
      <FontName expression="(?i)\[font](.*?)[\n|\r|,]" index="1" />
      <!-- the regexp should match a Hex string of the color -->
      <FontColor expression="(?i)\[colf]&amp;H(.*?)[\n|\r|,]" index="1" />
      <FontSize expression="(?i)\[size](.*?)[\n|\r|,]" index="1" />
      <!-- xe is expression, b - Bold, i - Italic, u - Underline, s - Strikeout,
       Font style is present if the RE is foound -->
      <FontStyle be="(?i)\[style](.*?)bd[\n|\r|,]" ie="(?i)\[style](.*?)it[\n|\r|,]" ue="(?i)\[style](.*?)ud[\n|\r|,]" se="(?i)\[style](.*?)st[\n|\r|,]" />
  <Subtitles expression="(?is)(\[subtitle])(.*)" index="2" >
    <!-- Type (mandatory)- frame or time or none. Expression is mandatory -->
    <Subtitle expression="(?i-s)((\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*),(\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*)).*[\n\r]{1,2}(.*)" index="0" >
      <StartTime expression="((\d*):(\d*):(\d*).(\d*))" type="time">
        <!-- items that are not present are not considered. FrameVal required in frame mode, one of the TimeX in time mode -->
        <!-- FrameVal index="0"/ -->
        <TimeH index="2"/>
        <TimeM index="3"/>
        <TimeS index="4"/>
        <TimeFrac index="5"/>
        <!-- TimeFrame index="0"/ -->
      <EndTime expression="(\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*),((\d*):(\d*):(\d*).(\d*))" type="time">
        <!-- FrameVal index="0"/ -->
        <TimeH index="3"/>
        <TimeM index="4"/>
        <TimeS index="5"/>
        <TimeFrac index="6"/>
        <!-- TimeFrame index="0"/ -->
      <Lines expression="(?i-s)((\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*),(\d*:\d*:\d*.\d*)).*[\n\r]{1,2}(.*)" index="4" >
        <Line expression="(?i-s)((.*?)(\[br]|$))" index="2" />       
      <!-- if empty then the value 'default' from 'Styles' is used -->
      <Style expression="" index="0" />
<!-- Saver commands: {#Command}
  Timestamp commands - last number means number of digits
  These commands are processed only in the timestamp templates!
    {#tt_t_h_2}     time Hour
    {#tt_t_m_2}     time Minute
    {#tt_t_s_2}     time Second
    {#tt_t_frac_2}  time Fraction
    {#tt_t_frame_2} time Frame
    {#tt_f}         frame (no width spec}
    {#tt_f_spaces_7}frame (fill with leading spaces)
    {#tt_f_zero_7}  frame (fill with leading zeros)
  Other subtitles commands
    {#sub_begin} - start of the iteration
    {#sub_end}   - end of the iteration
      all text between these commands will be iterated, including all line breaks
      following the start or preceding the end
    following sub commands are processed only between
     sub_begin and sub_end
    {#sub_start_ts} - start timestamp
    {#sub_end_ts} - end timestamp
      will be replaced with the resolved timestamp template
    {#sub_style} - style name
    {#sub_firstlinetext} - text of the first line (when it needs special care)
    {#sub_lines_begin} - line iteraton
       when {#sub_firstlinetext} present, this will start from the second line                     
    {#sub_linentext} - text of n-th line, available only between sub_lines_begin and sub_lines_end.
  Credits comands
  Styles commands
    {#s_begin} - start of the styles iteration
    {#s_end} - end of the iteration
    following commands only available between style iterators
    {#s_name}      style name
    styles color commands - only in the color template
  General commands
    {#newline} - use when you need to add new line. XML removes sequences ov newline markers so
                 if more than one nl is needed, use #newline instead of the second nl 
    {#space}   - use when more spaces in a row are needed
    {#tab}     - tabelator            
      <!-- Line breaks: set crlf for dos, lf for unix, cr for mac.
      All linebreaks in Template are replaced with this value. Default is crlf
      (when the value could not be read from xml -->
      <LineBreak value="crlf" />
      <!-- Round time to a specific number of decimal places. negative number means
           digits after the decimal separator, positive digits before the separator -->
      <TimeRoundoff decimals="-2" />
      <!--Empty sub ends - write empty subtitles to limit the duration
      (suitable when the format has no end TS)
      public - will be configurable in the Setting screen
      value - yes or no, default no
      tolerance - the empty subs will be written only if the difference between the
                  sub end and the next sub start is greater than this value (in frames) --> 
      <EmptySubEnds public="no" value="no" tolerance="1" />
      <!-- optional timestamp templates for formats with multiple types -->
      <TimestampTemplates public="no">
        <!-- timeStamp template - actual template, public name - the name in the combo in Configuration -->
        <TimeStamp template="{#tt_t_h_2}:{#tt_t_m_2}:{#tt_t_s_2}.{#tt_t_frac_2}" publicname="HH:MM:SS.FF" />
        <FontStyle be="bd," ie="it," ue="ud," se="st," />
        <LimitStyle value="SubRipStyle" />
        <ColorTemplate value="&amp;H{#col_hex_b}{#col_hex_g}{#col_hex_r}" />