Main window

SubtitleProcessor's main screen contains a toolbar and 4 pages containing the Subtitle Editor, Movie Player, Translator and Settings windows.

The toolbar contains the following tools (accessible also via the right-click menu):

Each menu item has a submenu with MRU (Most Recently Used) filelist. Upon selecting an item the icon on the main load button changes to indicate what will be opened by clicking on the button. The menu is opened by clicking on the arrow next to the button.

Subtitle menus have another item: Open in encoding. This item allows to explicitly select the encoding used in the subtitles file. There are multiple submenus grouping the encoding to various categories. Select the appropriate encoding and it will be used to transcode the file to the internal 16-bit representation. When no encoding is selected (Open... item), SP will check the file for Unicode BOM (Byte Order Mark) and use the appropriate Unicode encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16 etc.). If there is no BOM in the file, SP will use Windows default encoding (i.e. CP-1250 for Czech windows). There is no statistical detection.

This button opens the Save menu, which has the same main items as the Load menu. The items in Save menu have no subitems }except the Subtitles items). The icon of the Save button also changes to indicate current shortcut. When the save button displays a shortcut, that file is saved without displaying the save dialog (with the same name as it was saved before). The arrow displays the Save menu and the items in this menu display the Save dialog so the filename can be changed.

The Save subtitles items have the same encoding option as the loading items. Using this option the subtitles are saved in the specified encoding. When no encoding is selected, the original encoding will be used.

Save all - Quick-save 1. subtitles, 2. subtitles, Movie description, PlayList and Workspace at once. Subtitles are checked if they are changed before executing save action for them. This function can be configured in Settings - General - Save all function items, by default it will only save 1. and 2. subs. 

Save patches - save patches for subtitles, PlayList and Movie description for normal and DVD mode.

Below the toolbar there are tabs for selecting appropriate windows:

To the right side of the tabs there are more controls: